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When Dierdre died in January 2018, there were only 128 of her original drawings in her possession.  We are pleased to report that all of those original drawings have now been professionally photographed, both digitally and using high-quality film.   In addition, after they were photographed, all of the drawings were stored in high-quality archival material, thus insuring that the drawings themselves will be preserved, undamaged, for the foreseeable future.

The Dierdre Foundation is now embarked on the task of identifying the current owners and location of Dierdre’s remaining two hundred plus drawings that are in the hands of third parties.  This is a challenging undertaking as Dierdre did not maintain a list of those who purchased her drawings or received a gift of a drawing.  Accordingly, if you are one of the fortunate people who own an original Dierdre drawing, we would appreciate hearing from you via this website or by an email to the Foundation Director, Daniel Schultz, at     

As you know, Dierdre had two books published of her drawings; The Surrealist’s Bible and Endangered Species.  We believe both are worthy of re-publication.  The issues threatening our society that Dierdre addressed in Endangered Species remain as relevant today, if not more so, than they were when the book was originally published.   The Surrealist’s Bible focused on the important figures and events in the Old Testament.  Dierdre’s fascination with the Bible continued after the publication of The Surrealist’s Bible and resulted in what Dierdre called her “Christ-Kin” series: her drawings of important figures and events in the New Testament.  Dierdre always hoped “Christ-Kin” would be published as a companion to The Surrealist’s Bible.  That did not occur during her life, but we are hoping the publication of Christ-Kin, as well as the republication of both Endangered Species and The Surrealist’s Bible, will be achieved posthumously 

The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to achieve the recognition for Dierdre that many believe Dierdre deserves as one of America’s greatest fine charcoal artists and one of its preeminent surrealist artists.   We appreciate the support of all of you who share this assessment.  News of the progress we make in achieving that goal will be posted on this website. 

Daniel Schultz, Director, The Dierdre Luzwick Foundation