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Dierdre Luzwick

Circa 1977


Dierdre Luzwick:  August 13, 1945 - January 4, 2018

Born and raised in Chicago,  Dierdre Luzwick was  a visionary surrealist artist, writer, philosopher and social critic.  Her haunting imagery in her fine charcoal drawings focused on both western civilizations’ ancient roots and modern day challenges.  Dierdre  perfected her individualistic, highly detailed surrealistic drawings over a career that spanned more than fifty  years, using fine charcoal as her medium.

Two books were published of Dierdre’s artwork.  Her first book, The Surrealist’s Bible, was published by Jonathan David in 1976, and was a collection of sixty of her drawings interpreting the Old Testament’s major figures in her unique style.  The Surrealist’s Bible was later re-published in Israel in Hebrew.

Dierdre’s second book, Endangered Species, was published by Harper Collins in 1992.  Endangered Species was a collection of Dierdre’s drawings that focused on the social, scientific and ecological threats to the survival of humanity in modern times.  Some of Dierdre’s  images in both books are mirthful and joyous, others are dark and disturbing, but all of her drawings are provocative and beautiful.

Dierdre was also a published author.  The Catcher of the Wise, published in 2006 by King House Publishers, contains Dierdre’s poetic interpretations of the lead characters and main stories in the Old Testament, including her whimsical version of the story of Noah and her unique depiction of  King Solomon. 

A third collection of Dierdre’s drawings, Christ-Kin, was intended to be the companion to the Surrealist’s Bible, and contains Dierdre’s  fine charcoal drawings of the major characters in the New Testament.  Unpublished at the time,  plans are now being made for the posthumous publication of  Christ-Kin, as well as the publication of a collection of Dierdre’s writings and correspondence.

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